Beware Of the Strange Ways to Make Money Online

Do you own an e-Commerce store and willing to make your business thrive? Well, that is something that any online business owner would want. But, making use of some unfair means cannot be there on your to-do list. Check out the pieces of information below to know what to do and what not while promoting your virtual industry:

Understanding White Hat and Black Hat techniques

According to the Search Engine Terminology, the White Hat method refers to the optimization strategies that strictly follow the search engine rules and policies. Also known as the Ethical SEO, this method is the complete opposite of what is known as the Black Hat method. In this one of the strange ways to make money online, strategies like keyword stuffing are frequently used to get higher search rankings instantly, breaking the SEO standards.

The authenticity of the contents

If your site catches notice for plagiarized contents, you are likely to face the following consequences:

  • Your Google ranking might be dropped because of duplicate content
  • You might be accused of copyright infringement and can be fined $250,000 or more

Creating autoblogs is an important one among the strange ways to make money online and it is always better to avoid it. Apart from this, you need to be careful while using digital contents as well. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, you cannot use a digital content that is not yours unless you get the owner’s permission or the content falls under the Creative Commons license. Avoid selling pirated e-books and media also.

Quality of the products


Unlike the brick-and-mortar stores, the visitors to your online store can neither really see your products nor have a face-to-face talk with you. To maintain your credibility, stop playing tricks on them by promoting worthless products.

Illegal actions 

In addition to all of the aforementioned things, keep yourself away from doing or supporting any of the following actions:

  • Managing business sites with fake social media id
  • Sham trading
  • Holding unauthorized online contests with money prizes
  • Publicizing someone’s private information
  • Gambling where it is not permitted
  • Selling tobaccos to minors

Earning a great boom for your online trade is not something impossible to achieve and you absolutely don’t need to take some dishonest ways to reach the summit. So, just stay away from taking a whack at making quick money and have respect for the online marketing ethics.

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