Different types of beds and their types

There are a few commodities which are absolutely necessary and mandatory in a person’s life. Clothing, shelter, food is some of them. Among them, beds are an absolute necessity. A home without a bed is incomplete. Waking up fresh in the morning or coming home tired after a late night’s work, beds are something which provide comfort and peace to people everyday. Today, beds are available in all shapes and sizes tending to the needs of its buyer. With the rise in technology, beds are becoming more and more advanced providing utmost comfort to people.


 Types of beds

Beds are made of different materials, made in different sizes and shapes, with some even having various functions such as temperature control. Some of these beds are –

Divan beds – Quite common in many households, these bases of these beds are placed high with an empty space beneath the ที่นอน ยางพารา which is used to store numerous items inside. They are quite tough and sturdy, providing great support. They are quite practical and comfortable with various customisations available in the design of the beds.

Sofa bed – It is quite practical for living rooms with small space as it carries out the role of a sofa during the day and can be transformed into a bed during the night when needed.

Futons – It is a highly padded and soft mattress which can be folded back and stored in some place when not in use. Also, quite portable, these beds are quite cheap and tough.

Besides these, there are air and water beds, bunk beds which are basically one bed on top of another, cots used for children and babies, feather beds, etc.



Beds are thus quite important when in comes to our homes and staying anywhere in general. With multiple purposes and functions, People can choose from a wide range of options when it comes to beds. With the right choice, they make the house look more beautiful and aesthetic.

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