Legalization of casino gaming in the era of Trump

The betting sports online in the form of any casino gaming is illegal in the US and Trump could be the deciding facto. This does not signify that a player from the US cannot participate in the online betting games and sports. It is only confined to the operation of a website that holds sports betting in the US are illegal and Trump could be the deciding facto. The main concern about the political scenario in the US is that every individual requires money to get the elected post to the office. There are a lot of donations being made by the larger business groups in the form of candidates who take care of all the relevant interests once they are elected to the office. In case of monopoly existing in the businesses, a lot of expenditure needs to be made in the form of money in order to ensure and put boundaries to the entry of others within the territory.

Trump could be the deciding facto

Legalization of casino bets in the US

The illegality of the betting was put forward in the year 1961 under the Wire Act and this was primarily for the bets that were held over telephones. The internet is the latest trend in today’s world that connects people overseas and the concept of the internet was not formulated when the act was framed. It is all for the present scenario in the US where Trump could be the deciding facto for placing the norms for online betting. The only way that this ban can be uplifted, is by the public demand, if the votes count in favor, then it is mandatory to be legalized in the US.

This is not in case of the present president of the US Donald Trump as he invested his own money to gain the spot and being a successful businessman even in the sector of the casino, he can make things happen once again.


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