Pool Villas for Your Sudden Phuket Getaway

The Keemala resorts are what one defines as luxury personified. They offer the best services at a very affordable range for your memorable stay in Phuket. There are a wide range of cottages and villas to thrive for the weekend and stay engrossed amidst the Mother Nature. From the wide range, on has the option for Selection of Pool Villas too.

Your stay in Phuket is what one would love to look back upon.  The resort is amidst the woods and greenery, overlooking the Kamala villages and Andaman Sea. They serve their visitors a real time experience of tranquillity and peace in a package of holiday. For the fun filled soul in you, there is a variety of villas for selection of pool villas to enjoy the water activities from within.

Selection of Pool Villas

They promise to offer not just luxury but also quality and experience of a lifetime. The entire resort has been designed from the inspiration of the four groups of fictitious Phuket settlers. It is from their stories and type of culture, that all the villas are designed from furniture to the entire setting of the villas.

With surroundings of rainforests, these villas come with personal pools along with the rooms in the rooftops too. Anyone willing to behold the experience of rustic getaway along with a touch of luxury is at the correct place.

The following are some of the selection of pool villas for the Keemala Resorts-

  • Clay Pool Cottages-

Inspired from the Pa-Ta-Pea clan, who believed in the strong connection of humans with the earth. Thus these cottages are one with earthen look and come with a private pool and terraces too.

  • Tent Pool Cottages-

Khon-Jorn is the tribe that has inspired the Seemala to build such cottages. The rooms give out the nomadic feel and looks. Because this tribe believed in living life like nomads or gypsies attached a lot with the Mother Nature.

  • Bird’s Nest Cottages-

Rung-Nok community inspired this kind of cottages. Here the community was thoroughly dedicated o live lives like that of birds building homes like their nests and so are the villas constructed. They come with the largest size pools of the Seemala resorts for their visitors.

  • Tree Cottages-

From the We-ha people, the idea of this cottage is found. This clan believed in staying nearer to the sky, thus they would suspend themselves from the trees, and the cottages have greenery attached with them along with pools.

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