What Can You Do with a Finance Degree? Make a Great Career

Finance degree is a type of academic degree awarded to students who have completed a formal finance-related degree program at a college, university, or business school. The area of finance has a diversity and any program in finance not just focuses on finance but more subjects.

what can you do with a finance degree

Types of finance degrees

There are basically four types of finance degrees of various levels earned by the student from a college, university, or business school – Associate degree, Bachelor degree, Master’s degree and Doctorate degree. Most people intending to pursue career in finance and accounting get education up to bachelor level, but some go up to master’s level. However, very few people have preference to do doctorate in finance and accounts.

What can you do with a finance degree?

The question is what can you do with a finance degree? An associate-level finance degree takes two years of your life and can offer entry-level positions at a bank or accounting firm. After spending four years in a bachelor program, you can get most positions in the finance field. You may also get some finance-related certifications that require minimum bachelor degree. Master’s degree or competing MBA in finance by spending additional two years offers good career opportunities on management levels. Doctorate degree may take additional 4-6 years after completing master’s program, but it can offer a highly lucrative career in finance. A Master’s degree is sometimes not required to pursue doctorate. Doctorate degree qualifies you for teaching jobs in a university or Business School or to research in the field of finance.

what can you do with a finance degree

What are the opportunities

It depends on your interest and passion to complete any level of above qualifications in the area of finance. What can you do with a finance degree? Every level of education will make your career or you can start your own consulting firm, if you have a higher level of education, but this is usually recommended after a certain year of experience in this field.

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