Ziampro –A Private Label OEM manufacturer for Diverse Products

OEM is buzzword which literally means Original Equipment Manufacturer that deals with private label. It is different from the original manufacture of product by the client that has created the idea and formulated specifications for the product. In cosmetics industry, the term “OEM” means private label is also referred to as white label. Let’s have explanation to this. The formulation is created by the manufacturer that also owns the formulation and put client’s logo on it. The client doesn’t have right to formulation to which he doesn’t technically hold but may use custom colors and absolute right as a vendor of the cosmetic product is available to the client.

Ziampro – An OEM manufacturer

It is apparent from above discussion that OEM manufactures a generic product that has no brand label to which we refer as white label. This product is meant for some other company to use with its own label and to sell the product in designated markets. If you visit http://ziampro.com/, you will actually understand how actually this OEM concept works in cosmetics. You sometimes observe that a cosmetics company is marketing large number of products of many different natures. Do you think that all these products are manufactured by the company in its own manufacturing unit? There is hardly any feasibility of manufacturing in this manner. Product labeling in cosmetic industry is a common practice. The products of a reputed brand you buy from the market are not actually manufactured by the brand in its own unit. The products only have a brand label and logo.

Ziampro for private label manufacturing

Among many other companies, Ziampro Cosmetics is an OEM/ODM and private label skincare products manufacturer that deals with a large diversity of cosmetics and skincare products and many other products used by reputed brands. This name has repute in OEM because it is trustworthy, and the products of this manufacturer sell under reputed brand labels.

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